How is it Installed?

The Club Whizz® has a universal docking base that fits on your push carts wheel. It is a once off installation that takes less than a minute.

It will fit any cart with a separate tyre and rim, basically all of them!  Even a tyre with completely flat profile.  All rims have a lip to ensure the tyre doesn’t slip off, this is what the clip secures to.

Insert 3 metal clips between the tyre and rim, attach the flexible locking straps and place the docking base in the centre of the wheel.

Got a cart with a one piece wheel ? Rare… but don’t worry, we also have an alternate fitting that uses 3 spacers that can be fixed to your wheels hub or spokes to secure the straps.  The spacers are secured with a small screw.   The docking base is then placed in the centre of the wheel as normal.

Both fitting attachments are supplied with each Club Whizz®.

Please see the attached instructional manual

Download Here

Towels are used for drying, brushes are used for cleaning!
Don’t use a cart, don’t worry, clip it onto your stand bag !
Warning – the Club Whizz® does attract attention of other golfers!! Join the revolution