It’s not often that a golf product is introduced that positions itself to revolutionize its respective area of the golf industry.

When it comes to the club brush, that’s exactly what Rob Monzu and Phil Laing have done by creating the Club Whizz.

This revolutionary product stands above any other club brush I’ve used in every major aspect: quality, versatility, durability and design. In a few simple steps it attaches to any golf cart available today and just as quickly detaches to be used independently to clean your shoes, cart wheels and clubs.

Gone will be the days of needing to stockpile towels in your bag or continually having to clean your trunk of the dirt and grass traditionally left behind.

The Club Whizz will be a permanent fixture in my bag and urge every golf enthusiast whether you walk or ride to do the same.

Matt Stansfield, Stansfield Golf
PGA of Canada Professional

We sent a Club Whizz to the Golf Show on 710 ESPN this is what the host Shon Crewe sent us after a round using it!

“The Club Whizz is my favourite new golf accessory. I like being able to keep my clubs and shoes clean while I play, and the Club Whizz makes it easy to do that. Installation only took a few minutes and because it sits flush with the cart wheel, it doesn’t get in the way or take up extra space. Whether you clip off to use or use while docked, cleaning is very convenient. I also like that I can bring the brush with me even when I’m not using my push cart. The Club Whizz is a must have for all golfers!” 

Shon Crewe- Seattle USA

You can tune into the show here http://mynorthwest.com/category/sports_pod_results/?p=1057&n=Northwest



“Club Whizz,  Who knew cleaning your clubs on the go between shots could save so much time!!! Awesome product”

.- Ethan Dugan – Perth Australia


“The Club Whizz did a great job yesterday, pity my golf was bad. There aint a better way to do what it does as well as it does. I use it every game pure magic.”

Paulous Sartorious – Victoria, Australia


YES…YES… succeeded. Just fixed the SUPER CLUB WHIZZ on my Powakaddywheel!!! Very clever system! Tomorrow 2 days in Brussels but on Thursday Golfcompetition and a lot of players….. Am quite sure they will all be very amazed, will send pictures later on!!

Jetty Wils- Belgium

 I took my new Club whizz on my Golf Trip to Barnbougle and Lost Farm in Tassy on the weekend. I stopped off at Campbell town first and here I am with it attached to my buggy at the first hole. Impressed how quickly it cleaned my clubs!

– Mick Clarke -Tasmania

 Here is the Club  Whizz at Lost Farm. Because it was not my buggy I took it with me and carried it.  It worked very well cleaning sand and dirt off my clubs and shoes 

- at Barnbougle Lost Farm Mick Clarke -Tasmania

Steve from Canada took his Club Whizz on a Golf trip to USA -THE VERDICT

“The @ClubWhizz as it says, Whizz 4 on course cleaning your clubs n shoes, awesome addition to my game!”

- Steve Molloy- Canada

Hi Guys! Thanks for my Club Whizz i gave it to my dad as a present and he said it’s the best thing ever! Now both his golf mates want one too! 

Stuart Anderson– Perth Australia

This is one of the best Products i’ve seen, Being in the Golf Industry for 12yrs+ and i believe Clubwhizz could be the next best thing to hit the Golf Market… Thumbs Up Guys…..  

Gavin Jobe – Newcastle UK

Thanks Club Whizz… My mum was very popular on the golf course this week….Her dear golfing friends were all running up to her to try out her Club Whizz!!!

Julie Sgherza Bempasciuto – Perth Australia

I used my Club Whizz today & every day I play, It still looks like new & shows no sign of wear. So you only need 1 for life,not a good way to stay in business…

Clascius Romera’ – Australia